The Process

Our service is very specialized.
We only work with one company per industry per city.
Here is the process of becoming a client.

Possible Lead Projections:

  • These are projections and not guarantees.
  • With the projects we have running daily, we see that there is an average of one to two inbound calls every 10 minutes.

So if you take this over 1 month: 

  • 1 month = 4 weeks = 6 days a week = 24 possible calling days.
    • Dialing 9 am to 8 pm EST max (8 am to 5 pm PST).
  • This would result in approx 1,700 inbound prospects.
  • For example if you were using Facebook or Google Ads , you would be paying thousands for this kind of volume right?

What We Do:

  • We search and acquire the target data of your choice.
  • We validate the data for mobile phones.
    • Load the data with mobile numbers, to your account in The Dream Factory or a CRM of your choice.
  • We call the Data with a computer dialer to leave a ringless voicemail message.
    • Dialing mobile phone numbers 9 am to 8 pm EST. – Monday to Friday
  • Our staff will answer inbound “Missed Call Call-backs” 9 am to 8 pm EST.
    • We send an introduction text with your info to interested parties.

What You Do:

You call these leads and open up new relationships 🙂

  • We add all the leads to a CRM for your follow up.
  • All you need to do is establish the relationship.

You get our entire program starting at $727 USD a month – only $24 a day approx.

  • $727 / 1,700 leads = $0.42 per lead
  • Let’s say you only get 850 leads = $0.85 per lead
  • Let’s say you only get 425 leads = $1.70 per lead
  • Let’s say you only get 212 leads = $3.43 per lead
    • Do you think you could get one sale talking to 212 people in a month? 

1 lead becoming your client should pay for the entire service.

Free Trial
  • We offer a free 1 day trial to test the platform with your target prospects. There is no credit card or contract required for this. However there are a couple of steps that we need to go through to ensure a successful trial.
  • We teach you how NOT to get your phone numbers flagged as spam.
  • Help you write the script for the voicemail drop, and your callback script.
  • We can do the voicemail recording for you or you can find your own.
  • We supply thousands of contacts with mobile phone numbers in the industries you want to target, for free.