Have Your Phone Ringing All Day…

With prospects using ringless voicemail.

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This is a Management Service Only.

What does it cost?:
1. $180 for 2 outbound carrier lines (Roughly 60,000 to 80,000 outbound calls a month)
2. $300 a month for our management fee (starting).
3. Twilio numbers – minimal.
4. CRM – minimal
So for about $500 a month, you will experience the greatest marketing program you will ever see.

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We Acquire The Data

Purchase any data list we offer or let us know the niche, we supply the phone numbers.

We Validate The Data

The best results are dialing mobile phones of business owners. However, landlines can be called as well.

We Manage The Dialer For You

Our management service will monitor ringless voicemail messages to your prospects 6 days a week.

You Sit Back And Make More Money

You answer the calls and establish the relationship. The result is truly the best lead generation ever.

We do all the hard work:

  • We acquire the data!
    • You can purchase one of our data lists available, or we can acquire the target data of your choice.
  • We validate the data!
    • We will validate the numbers for mobile and landlines.
    • Load these numbers to a CRM of your choice.
  • We manage the server that does the voicemail drops!
    • The server dials the numbers to leave a ringless voicemail message on the lines capable of receiving one.
    • Dialing phone numbers 8 am to 8 pm EST – Monday to Friday.
  • We teach you how NOT to get your phone numbers flagged as spam.
  • Help you write the script for the voicemail drop and your callback script.
  • We can do the voicemail recording for you or you can find your own.
  • Contact form marketing (submissions) is included 2 times a month for all contacts with a website with no active captcha requirement and a form capable of a message. You can elect to cover captcha costs for those submissions requiring it.

    You open up new relationships 🙂

    • All the leads are loaded to your CRM for follow-up.
    • All you need to do is establish the relationship.

    It’s estimated 250 to 1,000 leads will be generated per month from this platform.

    • This should create a minimum of 10, 20 or more new clients for you a month!
    • What would that do for your business?

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    Possible Lead Projections:

    • These are projections and not guarantees.
    • With the projects we have running daily, we see that there is an average of one to two inbound calls every 10 to 15 minutes.

    Hypothetical 1 month – there is no guarantee: 

    • 1 month = 4 weeks = 6 days a week = 24 possible calling days.
      • Dialing 9 am to 8 pm EST max (8 am to 5 pm PST).
    • This would result in approx 1,700 inbound prospects.
    • For example if you were using Facebook or Google Ads , you would be paying thousands for this kind of volume right?

    You get this service starting at roughly $500 USD a month – only $24 a day approx.

    • Projection Only:
    • $500 / 1,700 leads = $0.30 per lead
    • Let’s say you only get 850 leads = $0.59 per lead
    • Let’s say you only get 425 leads = $1.20 per lead
    • Let’s say you only get 212 leads = $2.35 per lead
      • Do you think you could get one sale talking to 212 people in a month? 

    1 lead becoming your client should pay for the entire service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm not sure what ringless voicemail is?

    This technology creates a missed call notification, which triggers people to call back. It also delivers a custom message directly to their voicemail. So you get call backs from missed calls or when they listen to your message. How cool is that?

    What is the best way to use VMDs?

    It really is Limitless to how you can utilize the power of this service. For our in-house use we notify customers and prospects of sales that we’re currently running. You can also use them for announcements or different ways to try and activate historical customers.