Contact Form Marketing

Why is Contact Form Marketing So Great?

Inbox Access

  • High inbox delivery rate.
  • Contact form emails go right to decision makers or staff that know what the decision maker wants.
  • We coach you on the best practices to use.

Get Your Moneys Worth

  • Pick the number of contacts you want.
  • Send us the info you want to be sent out.
  • The report will show how many were posted with no captcha, which requires a captcha, and other data.
  • We will add more contacts until your paid-for amount has been posted.

Easy Auto-Pilot Sales

  • Generate sales literally on auto-pilot.
  • The right message will have your sales skyrocketing.
  • If you don’t like cold-calling, this is the service for you!

Find Your Targets

  • In our opinion, email marketing is hard to do, and there are so many regulations.
  • Website contact forms are by far the best way to find your potential buyers.
  • Show them a great message, and you are off to the races hitting sales quotas.

Welcome To Our Site Promo!

Just for showing up on this page, we’ll give you a free 15,000 contact form blast. You supply the contacts with websites and we will send the blast and then forward the delivery reports to you.

Our service can deliver a highly customized message. Send us a CSV file with the field names matching the message inserts (tokens) and we will merge this into each contact for post submission.

It’s really cool. No more blah message content.

Click the button below and let’s have a 10 min call to outline the best practices and help you craft a great message to get the most out of this FREE Gift

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